How to create an account as a vendor?

Creating an account as a vendor is very, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

The first step to creating an account as a vendor is,

Look at the top header and tap on the login/register button. It will take you to a page as shown bellow.


Select I am a vendor,

It is by default that it selects I am customer, so you can select I am vendor as your second step to creating an account . After clicking, it automatically show you some additional options to fill. Make sure you fill all the necessary fills as shown bellow. If you country doesn’t have zip code, enter 00000 as I did.


Note that you can’t set your password at this level. After registering, the admin will send you a password reset email with a link where you can set.

Tap on the register button and it will take you to this page as shown bellow;

It will show you a link that take you through a setup wizard which I advice you go through since it doesn’t take long.


Tap on the let’s go button and it will take you to this page as shown bellow;

You can setup your store details as shown bellow and click on continue.


This is now where you can set your payment details. But since we are using cash on delivery at the moment, you may skip.

Your store is ready as shown bellow;


Go to your store dashboard.


This is how your store will look but at stage you are unable to start selling because your account is not yet approved by the admin. You can wait for some time for the admin to approve your store.

Once your store is approved, it will appear as shown bellow. And you can now add your products and start selling.


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